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    Divorce implications

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    Analyze one general perspectives on a particular way that divorce may impact families.
    Provide specific examples to support your analysis, either from experience, observation, or the media.
    Compare the perspectives and defend the perspective you believe to be most sound.

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    When analyzing one different perspective on divorce, a common viewpoint is the marital decline perspective, which insists that marital disintegration occurs when one partner's (or both partners') personal happiness takes more precedence over family and couples' unity. This view also links the decline in marriage with some negative ramifications, such as increases in single-parent families, higher rates of crime, poverty, substance abuse, violence, and the degradation of societal values.

    Experts further discuss this perspective:

    Rossi, G. (n.d). The Complex Relationship Between Values and Couple Patterns. Journal Of Comparative Family Studies, 45(2), ...

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