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    Watershed Protection

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    Choose the single best answer (a, b, c, or d) and explain/justify with a sentence or two.

    1. Factors to consider when developing a watershed protection plan include
    Answer: ______________________________________________________________
    a. Water quality, divorce rate, and geology
    b. Limestone, flood control, urban sprawl
    c. Agricultural development, terrorism, geology
    d. Storm-water management, perspiration frequency, personal political affiliations

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    When developing a watershed protection plan, the correct answer is b.

    b. Limestone, flood control, and urban sprawl should all be considered. The other options focus too heavily on political and social issues, that while important (though divorce rate doesn't strike me as a likely consideration for this particular issue), are not as significant and hold no place in ...

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    This solution delineates important factors to consider when developing a watershed protection plan, including why those factors are important and relevant to this issue.