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Comparison of a Watershed

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Multiple choice with justification.
Choose the single best answer (a, b, c, or d) and explain/justify with a sentence or two.

1. Which of the below best compares to a watershed.

a. A watershed is like a meteor storm on a warm summer day
b. A watershed is like a swarm of mosquitoes on a crowded beach
c. A watershed is like a bathtub filled with green slime after you pull the drain plug.
d. A watershed is like cotton candy in a rainstorm

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This is an interesting question. I'm not exactly sure if this has a right answer but I'll try my best.
My answer is C:
Without a stream (i.e. when the drain plug is removed), the watershed can significantly loose its functionality and vice versa. A watershed drains into a waterbody and its geology, topography, and chemical characteristics are dependent on the water body that it feeds. For instance, ...

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