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    Water that Falls on a Watershed

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    What happens to water that falls on a watershed and why should you care?

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    Several things can happen to water when it falls on a watershed and this principle is called the "water budget".
    When water falls onto the watershed in the form of precipitation, it can go through the following processes:

    Surface runoff is the water flow that occurs when the soil is infiltrated to its full capacity and excess water from precipitation flows over the land. This runoff eventually reaches a body of water or eventually infiltrates the ground where soil is not at full capacity. Runoff also occurs when precipitation falls on impermeable surface, usually associated with urbanization. This is any medium that is not penetrable, such as asphalt or ...

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    This solution explains the processes that can occur when water falls on a watershed, namely: runoff, evaporation, transpiration and infiltration. It then discusses why these processes are relevant and important for people to care about, i.e. its impact on everyday life.