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    Change in stream hydrograph over time

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    (1) Describe the change in stream hydrograph over time.
    (2) What might have caused the change you described?
    (3) What are two possible effects on either biological or chemical parameters that might be expected to result from this change in hydrology?

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    Ans 1: The stream hydrograph depicted above is a graphical way of portraying the change in discharge over time, and it relates to inputs of water and the environment in which the stream is located. The Y-axis of the hydrograph is scaled for discharge and X-axis is scaled for time. Discharge is plotted as a line and precipitation is depicted at the initial point. The hydrograph shows discharge starting at its base flow, rising to a peak and then declining back to its base flow. The peak in discharge, however, does not occur at the time of precipitation. Hence, there is a lag period between the time when the precipitation occurs and when the most discharge is ...

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    The solution describes the number of changes in stream hydrograph over time.