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Steps to develop a literature program for preschool

You have just been hired to teach at a new preschool. You will be teaching a class of 3-5 year olds. Your task is to create a research-based Literature ProgramĀ which will include developmentally appropriate approaches to teaching and learning. Your design will reflect a comprehensive understanding of the components necessary to create an effective literature program for preschool-aged children. Imagine your Literature Plan will be submitted to your Program Director or Principal (Course Instructor).
Your Literature Plan must include the following:
Define your criteria for selecting literature titles and one media; be sure your criteria are representative of the preschool child.
Identify developmental goals that support the 1) language 2) intellectual 3) personality 4) social and moral 5) aesthetic and creative development of preschool age children.
Describe activities and teaching strategies that support at least one developmental goal for each area of development.
Discuss how you will implement your literature program.
Create an evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of your program.

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In order to create a literature program for preschool aged students an understanding of what stage of development they are in during the preschool years is helpful. For example a 3 year old is very self-centered, however two years later they have learned how to share and are not so self centered. Children at this stage have a short attention span and may lose focus if the books are longer than 15 minutes. Most children's literature books for preschoolers can be read in 5 to 10 minutes.
Defining your criteria is explaining why you chose the books you did. Many times instructors outline what their goal is in choosing the books they do. Am I trying to teach sharing, patience, tolerance of others who are different, making friends, different cultures etc.... Once the instructor has chosen what particular lesson goals they are ...

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This solution is comprised of over 500 words with references and on how to set up a literature program for preschool aged children. Also included are examples for language, intelligence, personality, social, moral and asthetic goals as well as examples for activities, teaching strategies, assessments and implementation of the literature program.