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    Family issues in the US

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    1. Where do you stand on the issue of paid family leave in the United States.

    2. What are other policies/practices should be implemented among employers, businesses and other entities to help protect and promote the relationship between infant and parent in the U.S.?

    3. What do you see as the strengths of a child centered preschool program versus an academic preschool program

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    1. Where do you stand on the issue of paid family leave in the United States.

    Many countries outside of the United States pay for family leave and some even provide up to a year of paid leave. In the US, family leave is not paid. This is a problem with our country. Paid family leave shows two things. First, it shows that a country realizes the importance of a strong family structure. If a mother has to return to work shortly after giving birth because of fiscal issues, this shows that money is more important than family. Second, ...

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    This solution gives opinions and the justification of these opinions regarding:

    1) Paid family leave in the US.

    2) Policies that promote parent/infant relationships.

    3) Strengths of a child centered preschool program.