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I think that sometimes we take more time deciding what to have for dinner than we do for life-changing/altering decisions and forgo the need of thoroughly investigating the true impact that a major decision can have on others. This is one thing when those decisions are effecting your family when you are working to help a client we must be more diligent in having all of our facts and not shooting off the hip with decisions that could have a ill effect on the client's perspective of themselves and of us as well. If we make a poor decision for the client, then we could very easily loose the client's trust and could ultimately cause more harm to the client.

So, what are some of the ways to make sure we make a thoughtful decision regarding our clients?

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In my opinion, we need to find a balance between family and the client. I have seen many in the counseling profession that put their work before their family and end up breaching confidentiality as well as misdiagnosing their clients. I think what sometimes ...

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This solution provided an opinion on ways to make sure that one is more thoughtful in the decision making process with his or her clients.