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The advantages and disadvantages of psychology degrees

What are the advantages or disadvantages of a psychology degree? What are the advantages or disadvantages of a bachelorâ??s, masterâ??s, and doctorate degree in psychology?

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The advantages of having a psychology degree are that these degrees offer students a solid educational background in traditonal science and liberal arts. Also it opens an individual who has it to various jobs and careers in different fields and not just in psychology. Individuals with a degree in psychology are in the position to help people. One way that they may do this is by working as a youth counselor in juvenile detention centers or managing a day care center. Any human resource position would also be suitable for those individuals who possess a psychology degree. Also individuals who have a degree in psychology may also be able to find work in sales and marketing.

People who have bachelor's degrees in ...

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The following solution discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various psychological degrees.