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professional doctorate vs. an academic doctorate

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Is the disparity between academic scholarship and professional practice a "great divide," or are there areas of overlap? How do professional degrees, academic degrees, and credentials reflect the differences and/or overlaps?

How would you describe the advantages and disadvantages of seeking a professional doctorate vs. an academic doctorate? Describe each in terms of orientation, intellectual development, career path, motivation, and public perceptions.

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A professional doctorate is one that is defined as one that is necessary in order to work in a certain field. Examples of these include a law or medical degree.

An academic doctorate is defined as one that is attained by doing in-depth research in a certain field that one wishes to really study or teach. Most of these individuals are called Dr. and are thought to be the premier experts of their focus of study.

In terms of orientation, both types of degrees are oriented in the field of study that they cover. However, the academic degree goes beyond the basics of the subject but rather focuses on one area of the field in-depth with research that focuses on innovations and experimentation surrounding studies that have not yet been ...

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describe the advantages and disadvantages of seeking a professional doctorate vs. an academic doctorate.

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