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    Goals and pursuits

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    Developing a Plan for Success

    Area 1: Goals and Motivations
    My Planes for pursuing my Doctoral Degree are is one of the highest honors in one's journey of academic progress; yet very few candidates actually achieve this rank. And I really want to accomplish this goal for me and to show my three boys that anything and everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Not only that it is the highest rank of them all but it will teach me how to write and a leader. I would like to be different as in a better person who can say I'm a Doctor. I would like to change lives'. For me to accomplish the highest honors will take dedication, determination, sacrificed, and commitment and a lot of While there is no perfect institution, higher education and doctoral programs should have an infrastructure in place that ensures learning happens at a high-level consistently so their students can successfully achieve their academic dreams.

    Area 2: Resources
    Talking about Growth within you such a record would offer concrete evidence of a student's growth in writing, for example, showing the improvement from a weak essay early in the year to a strong, organized, grammatical and compelling piece of writing later on. Keeping this in mind that an individual student's learning growth in one year or over the course of several years could be assessed by creating a record of student achievement that includes representative examples of student work. Not only that a person is capable of doing so much but the key for growth is how bad and how hungry you really are. You need to crave it, feel it and dream it. With all the information I talked about I would be able to successfully complete the program.

    Area 3: Support
    Like I was addressing on Unit 2 Discussion post I would depend on my younger sister. She's a big helps in my life and had taught me responsibilities of when and how to reach out to other for support. The enlist would be my friends and family without a doubt. Having the support from my friends and family is endless. As in emotionally and anyway possible someone could be helped. I don't even have to ask for help they will just make sure I get help. By me being able to do that I would work on small portions every day of work that will be due by the end of the week, starting with the most important tasks first. Keeping this in mind, getting the proper amount of sleep will help keep you alert and energetic, able to think clearly, and function at a high level.

    Area 4: Financial Planning
    I'm financing my education by federal financial aid. I have completed my FAFSA and Financial Aid Agreement documents. I also have completed my Master Promissory Note. Yes I know how much I have left against my life limit for the simple fact that if you run out you have to have plan B ready. No matter which financial path you find yourself on, remember that paying for college even the priciest of colleges -- is doable. Start early, research your options, know what you're getting yourself into, and choose what's best for you and your family.

    Area 5: Program Requirements
    The program I will be taking is Doctor of Public Health specialization in Epidemiology which requires a dissertation. I know it will take dedication and determination for success with that being said I will have the ability on broad range of knowledge and analytical skills in leadership, practice, policy analysis, program management and professional communication - coupled with preparation in a specific disciplinary public health field - graduates of the DrPH program are prepared for academic positions as well as for careers in public agencies or private sector settings that emphasize improving.

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    Area 1: Goals and Motivations
    My plans for pursuing my Doctoral Degree are predicated upon the fact that a doctorate degree represents one of the highest honors that a human can achieve regarding academic success. Few people actually are capable of obtaining a PhD, and this would be a significant personal accomplishment. Obtaining my doctorate degree will actually allow me to display to my children that with hardworking and dedication, anything and everything is possible. Therefore, my children will understand that I can become a leader in my field who is respected and given the title of PhD that displays I have a doctorate in my field of study. My mission is to change lives, which will allow me to instill in others the desire to use their dedication, determination, sacrificed, and commitment to ...

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