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    Strategic Goals for Long Term Objectives

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    Strategic planning is the setting of long-term objectives, and operational planning is the use of individualized operations or activities that lead to the accomplishment of the strategic goals. For example, if a strategic goal is to reduce the incidents of driving under the influence (D.U.I.), the operational planning would include extra patrols, roadblocks, and increased prosecution.

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    You are the patrol division commander at a police department. The chief of police has set a goal for reducing the number of D.U.I. incidents. You are asked to create two activities to increase the number of D.U.I. arrests by 20% over the next 60 days. He has asked that you provide a detailed outline of your activities..

    Create an outline showing two or three activities that can be used to meet this goal. Include detailed items such as the number of officers that will be used, the times of the operations and, if applicable, how assets will be re-allocated to meet the objective. (300 words max).

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    There will be two activities to increase the number of driving under influence arrests. The first activity will be that of increasing the number of patrols specifically for driving under influence arrests. The objective is to increase the number of driving under influence arrests by at least 20% during the next 60 days. The database of police records show that driving under influence is the highest between 8 pm and 11 pm. At this time there are normally three cars that are patrolling the town with general duties of looking out for signs of problems of any kind. These vehicles may be called for service and general crime prevention measures. I propose the number of vehicles be increased by one to four and each car will have one officer with narcotics experience. The officer will ...

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