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What are strategic objectives?

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What are strategic objectives? What is the purpose of strategic objectives? What makes an effective strategic objective? What are examples of strategic objectives for you organization or one with which you are familiar?

What is the difference among strategic, long-term, and short-term objectives? What is the relationship between objectives and goals? What are examples of this relationship?

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Strategic objectives are discussed. Examples of different relationships are determined.

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Strategic objectives are external objectives that help define a company outside. Objectives are those things a company hopes to accomplish. Strategic objectives are the strategies a company must do to reach their objectives. Finance, Human Resources, Market standing, innovation, and access to physical resources are all part of strategic objectives. Objectives are clear and measurable. Goals are measurable, but more often they are the steps to achieve the objective... The goals are measurable back to the objective and are steps to obtain the objective. Think of objectives as the visions that formulate the company vision.

A company is defined by its goals and goals help the ...

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