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The Affect of Education on Family Structures

Does education play a role in the construction of families? For instance, do female and males have the same opportunities or expectations as far as educational pursuits?

Are there other stratified issues such as class, race, religion, deviance, violence etc... or other subcultural intersections that play a role in the expectation of educational goals?

What are the opportunity structures involved in issues of equity between genders or sexes (please clarify your answer into sex and/or gender)

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It appears that education does indeed play a role in the construction of families, due to the fact that in American society, men usually have more educational and job opportunities than women, due to the fact that our society is a male-dominated, placing extreme value on the role of the man as the head of the household. This, in turn, makes education more accessible to men and in many different fields of study, largely due to the fact that many career fields and or jobs are very much more likely to hire men instead of women. When certain job opportunities such as upper-level management in corporate America are geared towards hiring men over women, the educational ...

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The solution discusses the affect of education on family structures.