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Using Websites for Family Research

I need assistance finding and identifying three reputable websites that can be used to find information about families. Please help me explain the value of each website, listing examples of ways they can be used for family research.

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Family Research Websites

1. Website: Public Agenda for Citizens

This particular website is a fantastic resource of studies, research, articles/speeches related to public issues and public policies. One of their key topics is children and families, exploring such issues like bullying, harassment, illegal drugs and substance abuse as well as deviance and antisocial behavior. The site also allows for communications between the public and policymakers as the research of the public engagement non-partisan & non-profit organization is utilized and forwarded to politicians, policy makers and public leaders to forward key issues that affect Americans.

URL: http://www.publicagenda.org/citizen/researchstudies/children-families

The site is easy to navigate ...

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