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    Credible and Non-Credible Websites

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    In 250-350 words original only, please help with the following:

    College writing must be more than opinion and must be supported by credible sources. Finding these sources and knowing if they are suitable for scholarly work can be challenging unless you know how to evaluate a website.

    Describe the differences between a credible website and one that is not a credible source of academic information. Provide an example of a website that is credible and include your rationale on why this is a credible site. Then provide an example of a website that is not credible. Explain why you think that this site does not have credible information. Include the website address (url) for each example.

    Answer using the following headings:

    Credible Websites vs. Non-credible Websites

    Credible Website Example

    Non-credible Website Example

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    The difference between a credible website for research and one that is less credible or not credible at all is fairly simple. Credible websites have peer reviewed scholarly journal articles with research that has been scrutinized by experts in the field of subject matter that these articles are addressing. Therefore, when a student uses one of these articles he or she can feel confident that the website is providing credible and accurate information that has been properly researched. In contrast non-credible websites do not have peer reviewed articles with many of these sites possessing ...

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