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    Case Study: Credible Resources for Diabetes

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    Case Study

    You have been hired by a health practice to help provide sources of information about issues and trends for diabetic patients. These sources must be credible but appropriate for patients. Sources for doctors should be from peer-reviewed journal articles.

    1. An introduction: discuss the importance of finding credible sources for patients and doctors for understanding trends and issues in health science.

    2. Find two articles: one that is appropriate for the patients and is credible but not peer-reviewed and one for the doctors that was reviewed by peers. For each article, identify the type of information you chose (such as peer-reviewed professional journal article, web page, news article, or video), and briefly summarize the article with in text citations. Finally discuss why the articles you chose are appropriate for patients or health professionals.

    3. Credibility: how can a patient determine a credible source of information? What criteria should be used by doctors to ensure what they read is credible? Discuss why peer review is so important for doctors in particular and explain how media without peer review could affect the information used by this practice.

    4. Conclude by discussing the importance of peer-reviewed materials versus non-reviewed media in understanding trends and issues in health science. What are some of the limitations and strengths of each type of resources?

    5. Reference page: provide a list of references in APA format. References and citations must match.

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    1. "Trust none of what you hear and only half of what you see". These words have never been more accurate than they are today. So, how do we disseminate fact from fiction and where do we get the sources for our research paper? First, the importance for checking for accuracy and credibility depends on what you are using your sources for. Access the checklist for finding credible sources to enable you to understand why it is so important and how to find these credible sites.
    2. Here are a few sites to find the peer-reviewed articles that you are looking for:
    Also, look at the site in #3 below to find something suitable for the patient.
    Just because you have located a book, article, website, or other resource on your topic, does not mean you should automatically use it in your education of patients. You need to choose your resources carefully to make sure you get the ...

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