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    Credibility of health information sources

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    Develop criteria for determining credibility of health information resources. Whether one is referencing print material, resources from the Internet, or listening to a health expert, it is important to discern if the source is reliable. Need to submit the criteria as well as examples of three reliable and three unreliable sources of health information. Provide justification for classifying each source as reliable or unreliable, and refer to reliable sources as part of your justification. Use a minimum of five outside resources. Present findings using 12 to 15 PowerPoint® slides. The presentation must include speakers' notes and at least five references other than the course text.

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    The problem being addressed here is determining the credibility of health-related information. In this age of information there are many resources available to the general public for health information. However these resources are not equal. They range from scientific-driven research to folklore and anecdote. Let's brainstorm as to the potential sources of health information:

    -Health care providers (nurses, doctors, hospitals, clinics etc.)
    -Friends, family etc., word of mouth
    -Television, radio etc., media sources
    -Internet (everything from government websites to blogs)

    Add more to the list if I've missed any. As you can see these resources offer a diversity of information and may not be equally credible. Now put yourself in the shoes of the person looking for health information. How would you decide if any of these resources were credible? How would you assay the worth of the information provided?

    You might ask yourself some of the following questions:
    -What are the qualifications/expertise of the health information provider?
    -What are the basis for the information provided?
    -What ...