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    Evaluation and Program Planning

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    The process of evaluating health education programs can be complex. Discuss the significance of evaluation in program planning. If you were a director or unit supervisor of a health education program, would you undertake a program evaluation or hire an outside consultant? Explain your answer.

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    An evaluation plan is written document that describes "how you will monitor and evaluate your program, as well as how you intend to use evaluation results for program improvement and decision making." The evaluation plan clarifies how you will describe the "What," the "How," and the "Why It Matters" for your program. The significance of an evaluation in program planning is that it is similar to a roadmap. It clarifies the steps needed to assess the processes and outcomes of a program. An evaluation plan is effective only if it is added to your program's work plan. It is a very dynamic tool that should be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect program changes and priorities over time. An evaluaton plan serves as a bridge between evaluation and program planning by highlighting specific goals, clarifying programs objectives and linking program activites with intended outcomes.
    An evaluation plan can clarify what direction your evaluation should take based on priorities, resources, time, and skills needed to accomplish the evaluation. The process of developing an evaluation plan in cooperaton with an evaluation workgroup ...

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    This solution of 677 words defines an evaluation plan and explains it functions in evaluating health education programs. It lists the steps in the evaluation plan and explains the characteristics of an effective plan. Reference used is included.