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Reliable Complementary Alternative Medicine Information

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Â?¢Create a methodology for assessing credibility and reliability of sources of CAM information.
â?¢Devise 3 to 5 objective criteria to judge the credibility and reliability of a source of information on CAM, such as a book, newspaper article, or speaker. Research websites on a CAM therapeutic modality.

â?¢Review one of the websites and determine how reliable the site is for CAM information, using your 3 to 5 criteria.

oDescribe how a consumer's attitudes and beliefs about CAM could hinder objective assessments of reliability and credibility in CAM.
oDemonstrate, in detail, how you reached your conclusion about the website. Consider using a grading scale or grid for this exercise.
oDiscuss what steps the website could take to increase its credibility.

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I have provided a list of criteria with explanation, and a table on the last page that shows how each ...

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The discussion includes a discussion of the key considerations for determining credibility of informational websites. The particular topic of discussion is complementary alternative medicine and the need to identify those sources that are considered credible. It is important for those interested in alternative medicine topics to be able to find reliable information that is based in science or in scientific principles, rather than on unscientific or undocumented principles that have not been researched.

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