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    Alternative Medicine

    Alternative medicine encompasses any practice that is used to provide healing as medicine does, but it is not based on evidence gathered through the scientific method. It includes a wide variety of alternative medical diagnoses, therapies, treatments and products which have not been included in medical schools' curriculum or used in conventional medicine.


    Some examples of alternative medicine include: homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, energy medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Homeopathy and chiropractic originated in the West during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, while traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have ancient non-Western origins. Treatments considered alternative in one location might be considered conventional in another.

    Homeopathy uses small doses of a substance that causes symptoms to stimulate the body's self-healing response. Naturopathy helps the body do its own healing by using non-invasive treatments, such as massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, exercise and lifestyle counseling. Osteopathy and chiropractic employ human touch to move or manipulate a specific part of your body for treatment. Energy medicine revolves around the notion that an energy force flows through the body, and when this energy flow is blocked or unbalanced people can become sick. Therefore the aim is to restore the flow of energy.


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    Chinese Medicine

    - Essay topic: "outline the Yin organ inter-relationships. This must include how the Yin organs interrelate and the relevant functions and characteristics of the Yin organs and vital substances." Links on topic: http://yang-sheng.com/?p=7547 http://www.sacredlotus.com/theory/zangfu/relationships.cfm http://tcm.health-info.

    CAM Regulation

    Please help provide some insight, direction, or feedback on the points below for Mind Body Intervention treatments. 1. The current regulations and oversights that exist in the United States 2. The organization that provides the oversight 3. Potential deficits of the current regulatory oversight 4. Potential adverse outcom

    Alternative Care Possibilities

    The Manual in Unit 2, Part III "Alternative Care Possibilities" states that alternative therapies operate because they "do no harm." Does the article by Allina and Fugh-Berman "Natural Hormones: Are They a Safe Alternative" agree? Please provide a maximum of 250 words with referencing. See the attached file.

    Music and Sound Therapy

    1. Choose a holistic health intervention that is of interest to you. The following is a sample of possibilities to choose from. Feel free to choose other interventions that are not on the list: a. Acupuncture b. Music/Sound Therapy Please see the attached file.

    Using the PICOT Method

    Hi, I need some assistance with this question below. I am understanding that PICOT in nursing is a method for discovery and identification. I just need help with coming up with a simple problem and applying the PICOT to the problem. Can you help me form a PICOT question related to a home health or hospice setting. This h

    Psychoneuroimmunology and Ethics

    Describe how this complementary medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, is an ethical or legal issue regarding its use in treatment and what it brings to healthcare providers.

    Definition of terms used in health care

    Need help with to get definition of terms and to translate and define the following abbreviations. In a short paragraph, share what you would consider the most important aspect of each. AMR, CMR, CMS, CMS-1500, CPT, DRG, EPR, HL7, ICD-9, UB-92 doesn't have to be more then a couple of lines each because I wll be adding to it,

    Credibility and relaibility of CAM therapies

    You are asked to create a presentation in which you develop a "Methodology" or a set of criteria that you would use to evaluate and decide whether information you are considering to use are credible or reliable enough for you to use for some purpose. You are asked to develop 3 to 5 objective criteria that you would use to ma

    Opinion on Abortion Issues

    What is your opinion about abortion and why some women choose abortion over other alternatives. What are some of the alternatives to abortion?

    Health Care Reform Act

    Now as we look at reform, what are the major issues with the current system that you feel need to be changed?

    Assessing Reliability and Credibility of CAM

    Â?¢Create a methodology for assessing credibility and reliability of sources of CAM information. â?¢Devise 3 to 5 objective criteria to judge the credibility and reliability of a source of information on CAM, such as a book, newspaper article, or speaker. Research websites on a CAM therapeutic modality. â?¢Review one

    Alternative Medical System

    The points below are what the paper is focusing on: Historical development and evolution of the medical system Philosophy of the medical system How the therapy is practiced and what constitutes practice of the therapy Desired outcomes of the therapy Training and qualifications of the practitioner or therapist Current licen

    Alternative Medicine - Chinese

    1) True or False: The Four Natures of Chinese Herbology focus on balancing the elements. 2) True or False: The connection between mind and body started to be lost with Hippocrates and his philosophy. 3) Natural breathing has to aspects of breathing, the inner breath of ____________ energy and the outer breath of physi

    Informed consent to medical treatment maybe one of the most controversial topic on health care because it raises difficult ethical and legal issues. Seven (7) questions are answered on a refusal to treatment case on a case involving an 80-year old patient with CHF.

    Informed Consent, Refusal, and Competence i) You are a physician in a private medical practice. An 80-year-old male patient is seen in your office complaining of chest pain. He has been suffering from congestive heart failure for the past 5 years and has been under your care during this time. The patient's wife and daughter a

    How is CAM regulated in the U.S.?

    Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. What is the difference between being licensed and certified in a particular specialty? Where can consumers go to find reliable CAM information and what are some important factors to consider when choosing a CAM practitioner?

    Health care delivery systems

    1) Examine the similarities and differences between the various health care delivery systems. Be sure to also include: (a) A definition/description of the various types of delivery systems. (b) The goals/philosophies of the various delivery systems. (c) Write a section to include your own mission/philosophy statement. E

    Specific Therapeutic Technique

    Please help me with some thoughts so that I can write my paper on this topic. The therapies are listed at the end. TASK: My topic is: Specific Therapeutic Techniques" ? Write a response addressing the following issues as they relate to the selected therapy. o Briefly describe the five categories of therapies as

    Questions and research about alternative medical systems are presented.

    A. How can consumers find reliable information on Complementary and Alternative Medical Systems (CAM)? b. How should one judge the credentials of an author of an article or book on a CAM therapy? c. Herbs, oils and supplements are widely available. What are some guidelines consumers should consider for safe and effective use o

    Herbal medicine and medical care

    I explain one of the major alternative medical systems and differentiate it from allopathic medical care. I also include whether alternative medical system has benefits and lists risks associated with the alternative medical system.

    Traditional Medicine and Alternative/Complementary Medicine

    Can someone help me with the following questions: 1) Why is there a conflict between traditional medicine philosophy and alternative/complementary medicine? 2) What are some of the more important characteristics that a health care organization must strive for which will amount to strategies for success in the futu

    Alternative Medicine

    Match the following therapies in Column One with their correct description from Column Two. Place the corresponding letter in the space by the therapy. 1. Part I COLUMN ONE COLUMN TWO Acupuncture A. Correction of damage, disease, or structural change of spine can affect the rest of the body. Alexander Techniqu