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Definition of terms used in health care

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Need help with to get definition of terms and to translate and define the following abbreviations. In a short paragraph, share what you would consider the most important aspect of each.
AMR, CMR, CMS, CMS-1500, CPT, DRG, EPR, HL7, ICD-9, UB-92 doesn't have to be more then a couple of lines each because I wll be adding to it, Please be original and send as attachment.

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The acronym is followed by a possible definition with the reference.


These terms would be specific to the health care field. Since some of them may have different definitions, it is always a good practice that the first time the term is used to spell out the name followed by the acronym in parenthesis. Then, you can safely continue to use the acronym. This practice makes sure that the person understands the intended message.

American Medical Response
A USA nationwide provider of ambulance services that include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, nurses, doctors and support staff that answer to emergency calls and nonemergency transports.

Antibody-Mediated Rejection or Antimicrobial Resistance
Infectious organisms that are no longer sensitive to the antibiotics are designed to kill them. These organisms have adapted making the drugs less effective.

Alternative Medicine Review
A medical journal on Alternative Medicine.

Computerized Medical Record
Electronic versions of paper kept medical records. Hey are also known as electronic medical records (EMR).

Certified Medical Representative
A medical representative professional who communicates with healthcare professionals about the use of their products in patient care and has ...

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The solution involves short definitions of some of the acronyms used on health care. It includes AMR, CMR, CMS, CMS-1500, CPT, DRG, EPR, HL7, ICD-9, and UB-92. Recomendations and possible alternative definitions are also given. References are inlcuded for each term discussed.