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    Effective and Efficient Operation Management

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    1. Why is the measurement of quality important to operations management? Can you provide an example of a quality initiative?

    2. Can a health care organization be effective but not efficient? Or vice versa? Explain

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    1. First you must give a brief description of 'operations management', for example- the totality of those functions that allow health practitioners to deliver care and a definition of 'quality' (more difficult as it is a somewhat subjective idea) but one definition might be - 'the degree or extent of excellence of something'.

    In healthcare, quality means different things to patients and service users - quality of life; to practitioners - quality of care delivery, and to providers - the quality of the service they provide. Inevitably these are linked to financial costs and quality is often described as 'value for money' in healthcare, which makes measuring it a key part of any ...

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    This solution defines operations management and how maintaining quality in healthcare is essential. It provides examples on how to collect information on quality of a service and also distinguishes the difference between effective and efficient.