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    Operations Management

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    Summary detailing your philosophy of operations management. A reasoned discussion of the theories in relation to each other and how you might consider using them as an integrated whole.

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    Operations management is essentially the methodology by which an individual or group effectively manages the operational procedures and day-to-day operations of an organization. Operations management begins with the development of a strategy by which an organization can operate efficiently and effectively, and a strategy that is developed by the senior leadership of the organization that is to be carried out using the most effective tactics possible, in order to give the strategic operations plan the best chance of working as desired. Operations management requires that senior leadership within an organization totally analyze the situation that the organization is presently working in, and this includes understanding the environmental conditions surrounding the organization, as well as the internal factors within the organization that are commensurate with carrying out its day-to-day operations effectively in light of the environmental conditions in which the organization must operate.

    Effective operations management will require senior leadership to conduct a SWOT analysis of the organization, in order to determine the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This SWOT analysis is a very important tool that can be utilized by upper-level management, that will assist them in analyzing the organization in an in-depth manner, and by conducting a thorough analysis of the organization, the senior leadership will be more effective in developing a strategic plan by which to manage the operations of the organization effectively. Once senior leadership knows the strengths of the organization, then they can develop operational procedures that are commensurate with the organizations strengths, and make use of the organizations strengths and help it achieve its goals and objectives, which will make the organization much more easy to manage in the long run. By gaining a thorough understanding of the weaknesses of an organization, senior management will be able to develop the operations paradigm, and/or procedures in a manner that avoids situations that require the direct use of the weaker areas of the organization, as well as to develop the methodology by which to strengthen the weaker areas of the organization, which will in turn make for more efficient and effective operations management overall. Effective operations management will also require that senior leadership conduct a thorough analysis of the opportunities that are available to an organization, so that these opportunities can be taken advantage of in the most expeditious and efficient manner possible, and the management and utilization of the resources of the organization must be geared towards taking advantage of any and all opportunities that arise, whether they be intern opportunities or external opportunities that arise due to environmental ...