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Information system in health care organization that uses database

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identify and select an information system in a health care organization that uses a database. The application can be simple or complex, but it must utilize a database that is part of an overall system to collect, store, process, and disseminate information. In two to three pages, write a scholarly that clearly addresses the following items:

Describe the application you selected and the purpose of the database.
Describe a simple table structure, including records and fields, that might be used in the database. (Note: You do not need an actual table from database. You can define what one might look like based on an input screen or report.)
Explain what fields might be used as keys and indexes.
Describe any limitations or constraints related to the data and how it is structured.
Discuss how standardization (or the implications of not using standards) affect the quality and usefulness of the information.

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You need to first identify the key terms in your problem: in this case, information system, health care organization, and database.
The Online Business Dictionary defines an information system as a â??Combination of hardware, software, infrastructure and trained personnel organized to facilitate planning, control, coordination, and decision making in an organization.â?
A health care organization can generally be defined as an organization whose main aim is to meet the health care needs of a population. These organizations are sometimes mainly concerned with research and particular health issues such as cancer, heart disease, and mental disability. The services provided could include conducting medical tests and examinations, dispensing medicine, providing mental and psychological care, and so on.
A database is simply a data store in a computer, where the data are stored in a particular format and can be accessed, updated, modified, or deleted according to the needs of the user.

Now that you know the definitions of your key terms, you can better understand the problem if you have examples of the key terms:
Information system: Patient Records Management ...

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The expert identifies information systems in health care organizations that use a database. The fields that might be used as keys and indexes are determined.

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