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Health Information Management: Exchanges

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Health care is constantly dealing the idea of expanding amounts of data and demands. Applications and databases that use data can provide a set of challenges in an organization's infrastructure.

What are some of those challenges?
Provide an example or case study to support your thoughts.
Consider the use of data for electronic health records (EHR) and health information exchanges (HIE).
Describe and compare evolving roles in data management, such as database administrator, data resource manager, and data analyst.

Please provide references for study use.

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The challenges entail attempting to prevent the stealing of patient data, vital hospital information, and other critical data from large sets of consolidated data. These data sets are effective for healthcare organizations but also serve as potential targets for cyber attackers. If organizations lack state-of-the art technology to secure their data, these large amounts of expanding data can be breached, and if an organization's big data repository is breached, ...

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Challenges in organizing information of the health care system is addressed.

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