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    U.S. Social Policies and Health Care

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    I am struggling to understand the United States' social policies that are currently affecting health care today.

    What is the one most talked about social policy issue today in America for health care and why? Please clarify for me as I am trying understand more clearly. I hear a lot about ObamaCare but maybe there is another more controversial policy? Can you also cite the reference?

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    President Obama's health care law is definitely one of the most talked about social policy issues in health care today. Although the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, the changes are being implemented over many years. One of the largest changes begins October 1st, 2013 when individuals will be able to sign up for ACA enrollment, with coverage starting January 1st, 2014. This will give coverage to young adults, access to free preventive services, and allow coverage for people with pre-existing conditions (HealthCare.gov, 2014). However, there are issues to this new law. It has become apparent that different states will have a range of different options. The New ...

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    This detailed solution describes United States' social policies that are currently affecting health care, including ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act of 2010). Includes APA formatted references.