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Music and Sound Therapy

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1. Choose a holistic health intervention that is of interest to you. The following is a sample of possibilities to choose from. Feel free to choose other interventions that are not on the list:
a. Acupuncture
b. Music/Sound Therapy

Please see the attached file.

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You chose a pretty good article, although you may have to reference the title, which is missing from your document.

The article gives a brief overview of the historical context of the musical therapy and its uses exclusively in palliative care, but keep in mind that palliative care is not the only place where musical therapy may be of use - I'll address that a little later. That said, I'll assume that you are focusing on the palliative population based on the paper you chose.

What I will do is try and develop a slide by slide outline of what information you can put on, in order to guide you in forming your own slides and presentation. Fortunately, the document you've provided has a good outline already:

Title slide - Just a title slide with the intervention in the title.

Intro/description of holistic therapy:

1) History of musical therapy
- When was it first used? Refer to your article, as well as others, if possible.
- With what patient groups has this been used? This would be a good time to briefly mention other usage of musical therapy with patients with ...

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Music and sound therapy are examined.