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    Alternative Care Possibilities

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    The Manual in Unit 2, Part III "Alternative Care Possibilities" states that alternative therapies operate because they "do no harm." Does the article by Allina and Fugh-Berman "Natural Hormones: Are They a Safe Alternative" agree?

    Please provide a maximum of 250 words with referencing.

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    As you briefly summarize the article's overall stance on this topic, Allina and Fugh-Berman strongly caution women, warning females to be "... skeptical of nature hormone products that claim they will extend life, reverse aging, restore youth, or prevent disease without adverse effects" (Allina and Fugh-Berman 1). The authors clearly insist that a product's claim as natural does not automatically mean that it is safe and foolproof, so I interpret their message as quite oppositional to the ...

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    250 words of notes are included in this solution to briefly evaluate the article by Allina and Fugh-Berman, "Natural Hormones: Are They a Safe Alternative."