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Regulatory Influences Involved in Alternative Medicine

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Investigate alternative health care delivery systems such as holistic health, herbal medicine.

Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes that gives an overview of one of these systems.

Actual or recommended regulatory influences involved in the system (licensure, certification, etc. Submit the speaker notes in a separate word file. Use at least two references from an appropriate era (e.g., Medicare from the 1960's or managed care from 1990's).

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Complementary, alternative medicine and regulatory issues are discussed.

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Slide 1 What According to the National Institutes of (US Health Dept of Health and Human Services), "complementary and alternative medicine is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine." Herbal medicine has been around for centuries and used by cultures around the world.

Slide 2 In Herbal Medicine plant bark, seeds, berries, roots, leaves, and flowers are used for medicinal purposes. Some people now in the 21st century are using remedies and solutions for health prevention and treatments that Native Americans, Africans, Chinese advisors and those in other cultures have used as far back as there has been recorded history. They are looking for other solutions to cure disease, compliment or replace manufactured drugs made in the western world.

Slide 3 Now scientists are discovering what was working well for people in the past through research, uncovering the agents and dispursing them on a large scale basis through specialty merchants such as health food stores, some drug store chains and corporations like Whole Foods. Drug companies are trying to replicate the inportant agents and integrating them in drugs so they can sell them as pharmaceuticals.

Slide 4 More people are finding value in using herbal treatments and while the alternatives may be invaluable for some, they could also be deadly for others. The problem lies with lack of valid regulation. In the US, drugs that are manufactured fall under strict scrutiny but elements coming naturally from the earth are not and that has been problematic for the herbal industry. Dose, concentratrion and differing body chemistry can be a challenge to create pure quality healthy guidelines for the general population.

Slide 5 Popular choices are garlic, ginger and rasberry. While ginger has been used for nausea, studies have also shown that it can regulate menses for women, and therefore ...

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