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Insurance company roles in alternative/complementary medicine

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1. Do you think that insurance companies should cover alternative/complementary medicine? If so, should the coverage be the same as traditional?

2. Why is there a conflict between traditional medicine philosophy and alternative/complementary medicine?

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These two questions need you to identify the differences between the traditional, the allopathic health care system and the alternative health care system. Also it requires that you to give suggestions what an insurance company should do with regards to covering such medicine and its treatment.
<br>There are several assumptions, which the question makes. First, it assumes that there is a similarity in treatment in the alternative/ complementary treatment. This is not so, for instance there is no similarity between hydrotherapy and African magic therapy. Second the question assumes that the allopathic medicine is comparable in any way with alternative medicine. This is not the case, the rules which govern the traditional therapy are government regulated rules and are enforces and as such it makes allopathy very different from other forms of medicine.
<br>Given below is a template to help you answer your question.
<br>#1 Insurance companies should cover alternative/complementary medicine, but the coverage should be very different from the traditional.
<br>1. Only treatments from those practitioners who have been approved ...

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