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    Prepare a Power Point slide presentation addressing the following issues as they relate to your selected alternative medical system.

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    Prepare a Power Point slide presentation addressing the following issues as they relate to your selected alternative medical system.

    1) Explain the historical development and evolution of the medical system.
    2) Define the philosophy of the medical system.
    3) Describe how the system differs from allopathic medical care.
    4) Explain how the therapy is practiced and what constitutes practice of the system
    5) Give details on the desired outcomes of the system.
    6) Identify the training and qualifications for a practitioner or therapist working in the selected system include a description of any licensing, certification, or governmental regulations related to the system.
    7) Summarize at least two clinical studies documenting the benefits of the therapy.

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    I do not have the Power point program but hopefully you can see the designated slides below I have written and reference it as you write your own.

    Historical development and evolution of Reiki.

    According to Dorothy May, Archetypal Reiki, Reiki was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century by the Japanese scholar and holy may Mikao Usui. He wanted to learn more about the healing that both Jesus and Buddha and others had done so he studied the ancient techniques. At the time of research, he read sutras, chanted, meditate and fasted. The time of enlightenment offered him strength and energy. This compelled him to reach out and heal people in the poor area of Kyoto. But after the healing, the people went back to their original lives and resumed their 'sickness.' This made him realize that in order for healing to take place, and an exchange of energy the person receiving the healing must perceive value from the healing and a change in consciousness and be willing to be changed by the connection.
    Usui created a system based on Taoist energy practices, where it used acupressure points by placing hands on each persons chakras of their body to release energy blockages, which he called Usui Shiki Ryoho.

    Reiki comes from two Japanese characters, rei, which means spirit of God and ki, meaning life force and the essence of all that is or everything living and nonliving. The foundation of Reiki is the natural law that illness or dis-ease is a matter of being out of balance or out of harmony with ourselves and the Universe. It brings the God Energy and Life Force of the body together. Practitioners send healing energy over the clothed body accessing the vibratory electromagnetic energy field around them. It is attached to the body, mind and spirit. The Reiki energy ignites and loosens energy, causing negative energy to be released. This compliments the natural body healing process. ...