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Management Information System Case Analysis as consultant

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Find below the Consumer Products International case. Also enclosed the required "presentation format" and sequence of analysis for the team to follow in developing the presentation. Most important element that the presentation should be constructed as a"Consultant team" whom they are conducting this analysis for the company executives(Analysing the company situation and providing strategic recommendations/advises).

Note: SWOT analysis should include Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats.( because presentation format shows only strength and weaknesses)

Please follow the sample presentation while doing the analysis.

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The purpose of this case analysis is to encourage employee commitment to an on-going self-development process and to the ―Learning Organisation culture, by making available new learning aids in a single computer environment based on Intranet technology, where services and tools for formulating skills are fully incorporated. This is essential due to the problems confronted by HR of the company as they have numerous tools for helping in the human resource development and training process, such as: PACD1, The Training Centre, HR, Curriculum Vitae, D&T2, FAS-Minus, however, there is no integration of these systems, which has ensued in a great waste of time for users and systems managers.
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In this presentation, that had been prepared for company executives we will illustrate following aspects of the business case:
• Background: Industry and Company
• Problem Summary
• Evaluative Criteria
• Alternatives
• Recommendation
• Implementation Plan
• Long-term Considerations

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Consumer Products International is a fastest growing Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company. The prominent Key Success Factors of the industry are as follows:
1. For achieving success in this industry a company requires effective tools for aiding in the human resource development and training process.
2. An effective and efficient HR tool integration
3. Meeting development demand
If all these factors are not fulfilled or met by a company it cannot achieve a leading position in the industry so it becomes essential for the companies to achieve these key success factors.
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By analyzing the industry with the help of Porter's five force analysis we can confer following things about the industry in a peculiar manner:
• Buyer Power: As a consumer-product company, the company face weak buyer power because in this industry customers are fragmented and have little tempt on price or product.
• Supplier Power: More than expected, consumer-products companies confront some amount of supplier power merely due to the costs they receive when switching suppliers so we can say that in this industry supplier power is limited.
• Threat of New Entrants. Threat of new entrants in the industry is low.
• Threat of Substitutes. Within the ...

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The expert examines management information system case analysis as a consultant. A SWOT analysis is provided.

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