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Software Development Process.

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Your work as a management information consultant has led you to a long-term project working on a custom decision support system software application.

In 600-700 words complete the following and 3 references original only please

Use the internet and credible sources to research the following approaches to the software development process:

1. prototyping
2. rapid application development
3. object-oriented analysis and design
4. business process engineering

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Prototyping is a software development approach in which prototypes or samples or incomplete versions of the program is developed for demonstrating functionality of the program, opinion or feedback of the client or project sponsor is obtained and refinements or modifications are made before developing the final program or solution. The main advantage of prototyping is that it minimizes the risks pertaining to customer acceptance as customers are involved right from the start and the interaction with the customers help in understanding and finalizing the needs before the financial development takes place. As end customer is involved throughout the process, the chances of acceptance of the final product is quite high.

Reference: http://www.information-management-architect.com/prototyping-methodology.html

Rapid application development:

It is a methodology in which active user participation or involvement is ...

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