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    Activity Based Costing:Four cases

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    Case Assignment
    Activity Based Costing
    The KiteSurfRUs Manufacturing Company produces two products. One is a kite surf board designed for ocean surfing. The other product is a professional surf-board (short board) used in world class surfing competition. Most of the sales come from the kite surf product, but recently sales of professional board have been increasing. The following information relates to the products for the most recent fiscal year:
    Kite Surf Kit Professional Board
    Sales and production (units) 800 500
    Sales price $680 $620
    Labor hour required per unit 6 9
    Machine hour required per unit 4 6
    Unit costs:
    Direct materials $190 $205
    Direct labor $65 $65
    Variable overhead $60 $70
    Current cost accounting system allocates fixed production department overhead based on labor hours and machines hours. The amount of fixed overhead related to labor hours and machine hours are $36,300 and $31,500, respectively.
    Concerning the current system�s effectiveness in valuing costs of two products, KiteSurfRUs hires a consultant to create an activity-based costing system. The consultant developed the following data:
    Cost pool Cost driver Total amount Kite Surf Professional Board
    Equipment Machine hours $ 45,000 1,100 300
    Material order Number of orders 16,500 475 150
    Machine setups Number of setups 15,300 216 70
    Quality control Number of inspection 6,000 25 5

    1. Calculate the manufacturing overhead rate based on labor hours and machine hours
    2. Determine the cost to manufacturing one unit of each model under the current costing system
    3. Determine the cost to manufacturing one unit of each model using the activity-based costing data presented above.
    4. Is the kite surf kit as profitable as the company may think it is based on its present system?
    5. What should KiteSurfRUs Company do to improve its profitability?

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