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    Using the PICOT Method

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    Hi, I need some assistance with this question below.

    I am understanding that PICOT in nursing is a method for discovery and identification. I just need help with coming up with a simple problem and applying the PICOT to the problem.

    Can you help me form a PICOT question related to a home health or hospice setting. This has to be answered using the P-I-C-O-T.


    "P" stands for patient, population or problem. This should be specific, and should
    describe the age, gender, diagnosis or ethnicity. The more specific one can
    be, the better the search results.

    "I" stand for intervention or treatment. This can be related to prognostic factors,
    risk behaviors, exposure to disease, or clinical intervention or treatment.
    Consider what intervention could be utilized to help solve the problem.

    "C" stands for comparison intervention or treatment. In other words, what comp-
    arison can be made with another intervention/ treatment or no intervention/
    treatment? There may not always be an existing intervention/treatment that
    can be identified.

    "O" stands for outcome. What do you hope to accomplish? What will the end result
    be? Hopefully there will be an improvement or elimination of the problem.

    "T" stands for time. Is there a specific time-frame needed for the intervention?

    So I am thinking, for something like patients under hospice care, would combining complimentary and alternative therapy (homeopathic?) with traditional western medicine practices assist in improving symptom control?

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    I would be more specific about the patient population because it is difficult to generalize to such a diverse group, as all patients receiving hospice care. Your results may not be as easily applicable in other studies. I have chosen patients with lung cancer because cancer is painful and lung cancer has a high mortality rate (likely to need hospice care). Here is my sample question to help you with drafting your ...

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