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    Post surgery CABG patients implementation a teaching program

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    Dr. Washington per your request I am breaking this up into 3 parts

    In adult post surgery CABG patients will the implementation a teaching program help to decrease 30-day readmit

    Dear Sir or Madame please assist me with the following, I do not need this until NOVEMBER 20TH

    I must develop a proposal for the DNP project to be conducted . (PLEASE ALSO SEE ATTACHED, THANK YOU)
    My PICOT Question (Population, Intervention, comparison, Outcome):

    In adult post surgery CABG patients will the implementation a teaching program help to decrease 30-day readmission rate?


    1. The length of the paper is to be no greater than 30 pages, excluding title page, reference pages, and appendices.
    a. Title Page
    b. Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs
    c. Significance of the Practice Problem: 2-3 pages
    d. PICOT Question: 2-3 pages
    e. Theoretical Framework: 1-2 pages

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    HeartCare: an Internet-based information and support system for patient home recovery after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. Academic Journal (includes abstract) Brennan PF; Moore SM; Bjornsdottir G; Jones J; Visovsky C; Rogers M; Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2001 Sep; 35 (5): 699-708

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    the implementation of a teaching program help to decrease 30-day readmit for post surgery CABG patients

    The use of surgery for coronary artery bypass is one of the most common surgical procedures across the globe. Millions of people have had this life saving surgery that can restore their health and provide them additional years with their loved ones. Unfortunately, the high prevalence of readmissions, morbidity, and other complications that occur post-surgery is a significant problem that must be sufficiently addressed. Most patients who receive this surgery spend their recovery time at home following surgery, which results in many patients being unable to adapt to the new life changes that accompany CABG surgery. This complicates the ability for patients to sufficiently recover, and results in high readmissions, high morbidity, or other complications following CABG.

    Currently, many CABG patients lack clear and concise training, information, and education about how to successfully recover from their surgery, which results in lifestyle activities that aren't based on informed choices. Therefore, better education is necessary wherein nurses who act as teachers or coaches must be used to develop educational programs that can provide patients with the necessary knowledge and information to successfully recovery from CABG without needing to be readmitted to the hospital for complications. Improving self-care behavior is a primary objective that must be reached for a ...

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    The implementation a teaching program help to decrease 30-day readmit for adult post surgery CABG patients is examined.