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    Putting Research into Practice papers

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    I need help with this paper which investigates the nursing literature on the research problem area identified and to aggregate and report on research from the reports and articles investigated.

    Select five nursing research reports from an online database relating to the selected research clinical issue. One report must be a qualitative report, one must be a quantitative report, and the rest can be either.

    In a five-page paper, one page for each research report, present a summary of each report . A reference page is not required, since references for each article will be cited in the table.


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    the implementation of a teaching program help to decrease 30-day readmit for post surgery CABG patients

    HeartCare: an Internet-based information and support system for patient home recovery after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. Academic Journal (includes abstract) Brennan PF; Moore SM; Bjornsdottir G; Jones J; Visovsky C; Rogers M; Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2001 Sep; 35 (5): 699-708

    In reference to readmission rates for CABG patients, it is widely considered by the healthcare profession that post-surgery readmissions for these patients is too high. Therefore, the impetus to develop interventions that will reduce morbidity and readmission for these patients is crucial. This research study examines the efficacy of implementing an internet-based information and support service for patients recovering at home from CABG surgery. HeartCare, is a system that is designed provide patients with integral health information needed to support patient needs post CABG surgery by disseminating information and support that is specifically tailored to meet patients' individual and changing recovery needs. The objective is to ensure that recovery information can be more accessible so that patients can use this information in a more timely manner while also allowing an extension in the scope of nursing services to CABG patients from hospital through home. Researchers utilized a randomized controlled study to evaluate the clinical outcomes of patients' use of the HeartCare system to decipher whether or not this approach could effectively reduce morbidity rates and post-CABG readmissions for patients with limited previous computer experience.

    Coronary artery bypass graft surgery: discharge planning for successful recovery. Academic Journal (includes abstract) Theobald K; McMurray A; Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2004 Sep; 47 (5): 483-91.

    This research study examines the efficacy of using discharge planning for a more successful recovery for patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery. The implementation of efficient discharge planning for successful recovery following Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery has proven to be a lifesaving intervention, but current discharge planning has not been efficiently implemented during the early recovery period for most patients. Therefore, this research study sought to examine the range of postdischarge issues, concerns and ...

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