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    Reflection on Academic Community & Personal Development

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    Describe the academic and personal proficiencies you bring to the University Community. Include your knowledge, skills, important experiences, and major accomplishments.
    Identify areas that you would like to develop to become an even more effective and valuable member of the community.
    Explain the ways that you believe the University Community can contribute to and support your growth and development as one of its members.

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    Reflection: Psychology Major

    As a psychology major, I have spent some years now in completing my degree - taking up the necessary courses, practices, projects and related requirements and completing them to the best of my ability so as to achieve a life-milestone - a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I have always been interested in human psychology, as when I was a child I grew up with fears and phobias - of the dark, of spiders, of heights. But my parents intervened and I started seeing a child psychologist who helped me work through my fears and change my perspective. My mind then became a fascinating subject for me - if I can defeat my fears and see them from a different, healthier perspective, surely the science of the mind can be something I can enjoy studying. I grew up in a small farming community where families are close knit and the community come together to help out in whatever the town needs. ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) of putting together a reflective paper on personal and academic proficiency as can be exhibited, contributed, learned from and developed by a psychology major (student) within the university community. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.