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Service Learning for Schools, Families, and Communities

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Describe how service learning can effectuate a fundamental shift in traditional pedagogy to make classes interesting and engaging and how it can be a place where students choose to be inspired motivated and ultimately empowered. Within this plan specify a role for parental-family-community support and involvement. Focus on the idea of service learning as both a philosophy and methodology. In other words, how does service learning promote academic development, social growth, and community involvement?

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Discusses ways that schools can use service learning to assist community and families to become partners in the education of the children of the community.

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Service learning assimilates meaningful community service with educational teaching and reflection to enrich the cultural experience, teach public responsibility, and build up support in communities. Service learning can be done by an entire school, a classroom, or a small group of students. Schools and teachers can encourage service learning projects by reinforcing the importance of giving back to the community. Service learning can help by enriching the lives of the students, as well as the parents and other people involved. Students can learn more about the ...

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