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    Different Eras of American Educational History

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    Discuss the different developmental eras of American education. How did the philosophies and practices of those eras scaffold into what we see today?

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    In the US, there has been an evolution of change in education from the Little House in the Prairie days of one-room schoolhouses to segregated schools to modern day schools of choice. In many communities, there was the one neighborhood school that all the children went to and thought nothing of it. Then schools, especially in urban and rural areas, started to become substandard contrasting suburban school districts, where there were both larger populations and more financial opportunities to draw upon. There were choices between parochial schools, the public schools and later charter school options joined the pool of choices for families. This array created more competition and compelled administrators to draw upon a wider and more diverse pool of candidates for their teaching staff and funding helped offer better pay and school resources.

    Schools that failed to produce students who were prepared to thrive in the workforce and/or who were ready for higher education lost out in the competition of who got the enrollment increases for the next school year. Parents grew more demanding and had the power to influence schools to make smart choices.

    While many schools in suburban and ...

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    Philosophical changes and practices in the history of education from segregation to preparation for the workplace are discussed.