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    Community Involvement

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    Epstein writes, "The way schools care about children is reflected in the way school's care about the children's families." What do you think she means by this? What do you see as the fundamental reason that schools, families and communities need to work together? Also, Abravanel's paper Building Community Through Service-Learning: The Role of Community Partner, makes interesting points about community involvement. Describe your vision of what this kind of engagement would look like in your community.

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    How can a school care about the child and not care about the child's family. A child's home life affects them in so many ways. If the parents are stressed at work, struggling to provide the necessities for the family, or struggling in other ways, the child feels the stress, anxiety, and hopelessness of the parents. Children can be affected by everything that affects their parents; however, it is not often manifested in the same way. Some children display behavior problems when there are marital problems at home. Some children withdraw from others when there are problems at home or when they feel the stress of their home life. If a teacher or school truly cares about a child, they have to care about every aspect of that child and that includes their family. Parents should feel that the school and the community really care about what they want for their children and what they feel is best. If schools expect to have any success with ...

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    Discusses the importance of family, schools, and the community working together through service-learning projects. Discusses how Epstein feels about the way schools care about children, and Abravanel's paper on Building Community through Service-Learning.