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    The Six Types of Involvement

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    Review the six types of involvement: Keys to Successful Partnerships from the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS).

    Using the terminology from their model, describe the kinds of parent and community involvement you would observe in schools or child care centers where you worked, volunteered, or attended. Summarize the information about parent involvement that the centers have included. Also describe how schools or centers could improve their level and type of parent and community involvement based on the NNPS model.

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    Type (1) Parenting
    The Parent Support and Information Center (PSIC) are a part of the school district to support parents and student success through effective communication between school and home. The Parent Support and Information Center offer a lending library, a newsletter, a variety of workshops, phone/walk-in consultations, and other services to parents and educators. One way the school could improve their level of community involvement is to provide a service that would strengthen the nurturing bond between home, school and the community

    Type (2) Communicating
    Parent portal online allows parents and guardians to access and monitor important current school year information for the students' progress available from any computer connected to the Internet - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The information that is available grades, attendance records, student assignments, and missing assignments even test scores such as SOL's. The school could consider emphasizing upcoming work or events better prepare the student for such transition.

    Type (3) Volunteering
    Throughout the year, the school division issues a Call to Action to enlist the assistance of community members for specific activities such as curriculum development, textbook adoption, mentorships and participation on advisory groups/committees. Check out a complete list of the current Call to Action opportunities to find additional ways to get involved. The division may consider improvements by seeking out volunteers with specialized skills and titles that may perhaps assist in areas where the district needs improvement.

    Type (4) Learning at home
    The partnership is social responsibility is for every ...

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