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    Parent/Family Environment

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    How you will encourage parent/family involvement? Describe all six types listed and give an example of each way to encourage involvement from a teacher or school's perspective,and cite how research supports those ideas. Parenting Knowledge and Skills, Communication between the Home and School, Volunteering at the School and in the Community, Supporting Student Learning at Home, Involvement in Decision Making and Advocacy and Collaboration with the Community.

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    Communication between the Home and School,

    The necessity to communicate to parents the importance between education at home and school must be supported and encouraged by the as principals serve the key role in fostering communication between parents and other educators and helping them understand each other two key elements that work together to make up the concept of parental involvement. Therefore the principal must ensure that communication is made to increase the level of commitment to parental support. Communication should be patterned in the vortex of encouraging the student, being sympathetic, reassuring, and understanding from both teachers and parents. The principal must also ensure that high levels of parental activity and participation are maintained and this must be communicated as to ...

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    Discusses the school/home partnership.