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    Loving and Supporting Environment for Children

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    Can you assist me with the following:
    Discuss the Jeynes article: http://www.adi.org/journal/resources/2011ss_SCJ.pdf (pages 9 to 18) and what is meant by the notion of a loving, supportive environment. (1) Which research studies mentioned in the article show a positive impact? (2) Can you imagine and write about the impact if you were to incorporate of a loving environment in the school you are working in or a school in which you will someday soon be employed? Please be original.

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    The article includes several ideas that can help in creating a loving, supportive environment in which children can learn. It also discusses how this type of environment can benefit the students, parents, and teachers. One thing that has a positive impact on a child is the expectations that a parent sets for them. A child should be shown by example, the value of personal work ethics so that they too would be more likely to have positive work ethics as well. Parents should teaches and stresses the importance of an education, and shows how much they are willing to sacrifice to be able to further their education, the child will be more likely to show their appreciation by working in a school and doing their best to academically succeed (1).

    Communication between parents and their children is another area that can have a positive impact on creating a loving and supportive environment. Parents can start when their children are young by developing positive and open communication skills. A ...

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    Discusses the article by W. Jeynes entitled Parental involvement research: Moving to the next level. Evaluates what concepts parents can utilize to create a loving and supportive atmosphere that is conducive to learning to help their child succeed academically. Also discusses ways that school and teachers can create this type of environment in the school setting.