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Parents' Involvement in School

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How do you think parents should be involved in school and /or caregiver situations?

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How do you think parents should be involved in school and /or caregiver situations?

Parents are the most important partners that schools should consider with regards to every child's education. It takes a lot of work for both educators and parents but the rewards are too great for a school not to try. It is important that educators achieve a successful parent involvement by engaging those parents through constant communication and incorporating them into the learning process. Parent involvement includes the active, ongoing participation of a parent in the education of his/her child. Some of the things that parents can do are the following:

? reading with their children at home
? helping with homework
? discussing school events
? attending functions or volunteering in classrooms
? attending Parents-Teachers activities in schools
? join school sponsored plays, ...

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The solution discusses how parents should be involved in school and/or caregiver situations. References included.

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