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Family Support Essential for Learning and Development

Amatea (2013) suggests that socioeconomic status, cultural group membership, and family structure do not determine a child's academic success or failure. Instead, it is family engagement that is essential for learning and development. Review the Parental Involvement Report Card quiz ( to help you obtain the perspective of a parent. Using one source, in addition to the text, list 3 different ways you will implement year-long family involvement in your classroom. Explain how these 3 ideas will encourage parent consistency in regards to involvement. Respond to at least two of your classmates' postings.

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First the teachers and administrative staff can host parents at the school by developing an awareness of the school wherein teachers take parents on COMMUNITY WALKS to introduce them to the local neighborhood and further implement them into the challenges and lives students' face outside of school. Many children don't often go straight home from school, and this program will allow parents to understand the potential pitfalls that their ...

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Family support essentials for learning and development are provided. A year-long action plan is analyzed.