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Staff Development rationales

Staff development is a key component to developing effective teachers. However, staff development is often regulated in a secondary role in developing staff skills. What would you like to see in a staff development program? Identify five key components and tell Why you selected those.

*In a staff development meeting my elementary group decided on: 1. Parental Involvement 2. Needs Assessments 3. Effective Instructional Methods 4. Staff Needs 5. Transition with an array of why answers. I would really like to have your opinion.

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1. First of all, I firmly believe that teachers need skills on how to increase parental involvement levels. Research strongly shows that the greater the parental involvement, the more successful kids and teachers are overall. As a result, professional development can guide teachers toward making their classes more community-like, giving a family feel for parents and students alike.
The school home partnership is so essential to show parents that they, too, can serve as successful co-teachers, co-learners, co-coaches in schools and also what I call PIE (Partners ...

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Staff Development rationales are briefly discussed from a teacher's personal viewpoint.