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    Riordan's Current Trends, Issues in Compensation, and Future Trends

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    Is anyone familiar with this virtual organization to assist with this? Thanks
    - Evaluate Riordan's current trends, issues in total compensation, and prediction of future trends
    - Riordan's wage management process and rationale

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    Riordan's Current Trends and Compensation Issues
    Current trends at Riordan are that it is facing a situation of the low morale of employees, lack of work ethics in employees and high employee turnover. It is analyzed that the main reason behind all these trends at the company is ineffectiveness of HRM processes. The main reason behind low morale is that employees believe that if they have a good environment for work and some challenging task, they can perform better at their job (Briscoe, Schuler & Tarique, 2012). Additionally, there are several issues associated with total compensation. In this concern, it is identified that many employees at the company believe that their salary is not according to current market industry rates.
    Employees' perception is that they can attain better compensation for their commitment, job performance and loyalty by receiving additional financial and non-financial benefits in the industry. Apart from this, the compensation plan ...

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    Riordan's current trends, issues in compensation and future trends are examined. Riordan's wage management process and rationales are given.