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    HRM to determine the evaluation process of employees

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    Please assist with this exercise to help HRM determine the evaluation process of employees. This project is a form of measurement for employees, what is being evaluated, and how to evaluate them

    Please assist in giving a justification for each (At least 100 Word each justification) of the following topics attempting to answer each with your professional words please limit the citing. These topics are categorized by importance to an industry in regards to an employee. The topics are given a point value totaling 25 points at the completion of the all the topics. With this in mind please justify why you assigned that value in each justification and in the WORKSHEET attached.

    Topic: Human Resource Challenges
    a. Each challenge's importance to industry
    b. Implications of changing workforce demographics
    c. Industry's utilization of contingent workforce
    d. Impact of outsourcing
    e. Strategic significance of the HR function to the organizational

    Topic: Future Trends in Employee Motivation and Compensation
    a. Future trends and compensation models affecting chosen industry
    b. Strategy to align rewards system with organizational mission
    c. Future trends of contingent workers in 5-10 years

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    1) Human Resource Challenges
    a. Each challenge's importance to industry 3 5

    The relevance of the importance of each challenge that confronts HRM to the industry is most important because it pertains to the industry. For example in the automobile industry the shortage of skilled technical personnel is a problem related to the industry. Those challenges that are related to the industry are difficult to tackle and are important to the organization for which you work. Usually, the HRM managers tackle a part of these problems and so I have given a rating of 3. If a challenge that is important to industry is successfully tackled by HRM it gives the organization competitive advantage.

    b. Implications of changing workforce demographics 2 4
    The implications of changing workforce demographics are important. If the age of the population is young it means entry positions will easily filled. If the workforce is highly educated, the quality of work will be high but higher salaries will have to be paid. This is why I have given 4 as the maximum points to this. However changing demographic realities are given to an organization and the capacity of the organization to adapt to these realities is limited. Even for the most flexible organization it takes time and resources to completely adapt to the changing workforce demographics. This is why I have given 2 ...

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